地下鉄・JR / SUBWAY・JR- Line

□ 日比谷線 「神谷町駅」 1番出口より東京タワー方面徒歩6分
 6 minute from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Kamiya-cyo St. EXIT 1.

□ 大江戸線 「赤羽橋駅」 赤羽橋出口より徒歩9分
 9 minute from Metropolitan Subway Oedo Line Akabanebashi St
 Akabanebashi Gate.

□ 三田線 「御成門駅」 A1番出口より徒歩10分
 10 minute from Metropolitan Subway Mita Line Onarimon St. EXIT A1.

都営バス / Toei Bus

□ JR新橋駅(北口)/ JR渋谷駅(宮益坂)行き 渋88
 虎ノ門五丁目(東京タワー入口)にて下車 徒歩2分
 2 minute from JR Shinbashi St. (North Gate) or JR Shibuya St. (Miyamasuzaka)
 No.88 Bus stop: Toranomon 5 cho-me.

□ JR東京駅(丸の内南口)/ 等々力行き 東98
 東京タワーにて下車 徒歩2分
 2 minute from JR Tokyo St. (Marunouchi-South Gate) or Todoroki No.98
 Bus stop: Tokyo Tower gate.

□ JR品川駅(東口)/ JR浜松町駅(北口) 東京タワー行き 浜95甲 浜95乙
 東京タワーにて下車 徒歩2分
 2 minute from JR Shinagawa St. (East Gate) or Hamamatsu-cho (North Gate)
 No.95 Bus stop: Tokyo Tower gate.

Company Overview

J.C. Building CO.
(J.C. means Japan Cooks. Our building was built by All Japan Chefs members in 1965. )

3-6-22 JC Build B1 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 105-0011

: +81-3-5473-7280
: +81-3-5473-7140

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Business Lines

  • 1. Leasing office, store space, and conference room.
  • 2. Support and Management of Chef, hotel business and restaurant industry.
  • 3. Sales of cooking booklet, training material and DVD, etc.
  • 4. Support for cooking seminar and competition event.
  • 5. Advertising firm.